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Women in the Arts Presents Three Legendary Artists

Join us as we get up close and personal with three extraordinary women artists on Sunday, 4/7 at 2 PM at the Alumni House at U.C. Berkeley.

Enjoy refreshments and conversation with Margaret Jenkins, a world renowned modern dance choreographer, Rhodessa Jones, Director of The Medea Project, and Carla Lucero, the first woman Spanish language composer at Los Angeles Opera.

Kathryn Roszak, choreographer and dancer, will be interviewing the guests above. We will also be honoring Anita Paciotti for her many years of service at San Francisco Ballet.

Admission is FREE FOR STUDENTS, and $15 for general admission.

Address: 1 Alumni House, Berkeley, California 94720

On 4/28, Women in the Arts is excited to present another engaging event at 2 PM at the Palo Alto Arts Center.

This program is supported by John and Susan Diekman and the Friends of Dance Lumière.


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