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Guidelines and Policies

We've endeavored to create a small, high quality dance program for children. Our program offers highly trained teachers with considerable experience working with children. We offer personal attention, as well as time for parents to discuss their child’s progress.

The following are guidelines and policies to help keep the program running smoothly, and keep it fun for the kids:

  • Attendance: Arriving early and/or promptly helps your child to be comfortable and participate more fully in the class. In addition, if you arrive after class has started you will need to wait until an appropriate break to be admitted.

    If your child will be absent, we'd appreciate receiving a phone call. This is particularly important as we approach our open house presentation (a first rehearsing and performing experience for many), when we encourage your child's steady attendance.

    We also suggest that children have a snack prior to class and have visited the bathroom. Please, no snacks during class, and no gum.

  • Parent Observation: We provide ample opportunities for parent observation. The last class of every session is an Open House, and there will be other opportunities when parents can observe. We ask parents of young children to stay on the premises during class.

  • No photos until last class, please. The last class of each session is open for parent observation, and you may bring cameras then.

  • Mid-session meetings (Ballet only): We'll have a sign-up sheet for an optional five-minute meeting to discuss your child's progress. This will be an opportunity to hear how your child is progressing, with any suggestions for what to work on, and you'll have an opportunity to give your feedback. We can also discuss by phone.

    Please feel free to speak with us anytime about your child's progress.

  • Please label all articles, including shoes. We are not responsible for lost property. If you have another adult transport your child to class, please ensure that all belongings are picked up.

  • Before and After Class: We ask that parents supervise their children before and after class. Please, no running. Please be considerate of other classes that are finishing or beginning. Please, no cell phone conversations in the classroom before or after class (you may use non-classroom areas).

  • Non-classroom areas: Lobby, green room, and/or hallway may be used for quiet study, NOT as a play area or changing area. Please have your child change in the bathrooms. Children must be supervised outside the classroom. Please do not leave valuables outside the studio. If you consume food or beverages all litter must be cleared. Children may not ride in elevators (if applicable) without adult.

  • Premises Security: Parents may be given keypad entry codes, for which they are responsible; these codes CANNOT be shared with students. However, the code should be provided to another responsible adult who may be dropping off or picking up. Entry is not allowed without building staff on hand and/or if the building is not Open.

  • Students must be dropped off and picked up from the dance studio. Please do not drop your child off outside, or ask your child to meet you there after class. Students must stay in the building, i.e. they are not to wander around or off the premises. No child is allowed to leave the studio without a parent or guardian. Parking is available on-street only (any building lot is private use).

  • Please pick your child up promptly after class. We sometimes must leave right away.

  • Please make sure we have numbers where we can contact you in emergencies.

  • We reserve the right to replace teachers or change class location, and will provide advance notice. Policies are subject to change.

  • There may be a nominal costume charge for special recitals or performances; we will provide advance notification.

  • Late fee: Tuition balance is due on the first day you attend class. If paid late there is a $15 late fee.

    If you have another adult transport your child to class, please make sure to attend to any unpaid balances due by sending a check along with your child to class.

    Payment by installment is at the Director's discretion and there is a $25 charge for each separate payment.

  • Payment by check or credit card: There is a $25 charge if your check is returned, or if your card is declined or expired.

  • There are no refunds, but at the Director's discretion, a credit for a later session may be given.

In addition to the teaching skills you see in class, a lot of preparation goes into creating our small program, from scheduling the space, to planning classes, and communicating with parents. So we thank you for helping by abiding by our policies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, or speak with your teacher after class.

We look forward to happy dancing!

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