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Roszak's New Film Announced

Kathryn Roszak is in preproduction for a new film starring Misa Kuranaga of San Francisco Ballet. She will also film New York City Ballet ballerina Laine Habony later this summer.

This new film follows on the success of Roszak’s film “Women at the Top” which was awarded Best Feature at Experimental Film Festival, and screened by Seattle Film Festival. The film was seen in a preview screening alongside Dutch National Ballet’s “Giselle” at the Lark Theater in the San Francisco Bay Area. The film is also planned for screening at the Women and Dance Festival in Los Angeles this October.

Featured Dancer: Misa Kuranga

Photo Credit: Rachel Neville

Featured Dancer: Laine Habony

Photo Credit: Paul Kolnik, Courtesy NYC Ballet

Featured: Yuan Yuan Tan, Kathryn Roszak, and Misa Kuranaga.

Roszak interviewed both ballerinas earlier this year. She is in preproduction for a new film starring Kuranaga


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