Martha Graham Dance Company in Collaboration with Kathryn Roszak Present a Compelling Conversation

GrahamGathering: In conversation with Kathryn Roszak | Living the Change: Revolution/Evolution of Women Leaders in Dance

A conversation about leadership in dance—both historic and current—comparing the trajectory of

women leaders in classical ballet to those involved in the creation of modern dance. Moderated by

Kathryn Roszak, Artistic Director of San Francisco-based Danse Lumière, the evening will also

include a look at Janet Eilber’s leadership of Graham as she marks the 50th anniversary of joining the Company as a dancer. So Young An will dance Kathryn Roszak’s choreography of “The House of the Spirits,” based on the novel by Isabel Allende. Taking place at Martha Graham Dance Center, NYC, 20 September 2022.