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Danse Lumière Films Women Ballet Choreographers and Composers, in Conversation

On June 14 Kathryn Roszak sat down to have a socially-distanced conversation in Sausalito California with women choreographers and composers; Lauren Jonas of Diablo Ballet, Christina Johnson formerly of Dance Theatre of Harlem, Julia Feldman of Sacramento Ballet, and composer Vivian Fung. On June 15 she met with Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director of Cincinnati Ballet and Wendy Whelan, Associate Assistant Director of Cincinnati Ballet, over Zoom. Vital and healing conversations were focussed on what if means to be a woman artist, what challenges are faced, and what women can do to uplift each other, especially in the challenging times we are facing today. These conversations have been filmed and will soon be available for public engagement on the Djerassi Resident Artists Program website, as well as others. Stay Tuned!

Pictured: Julia Feldman, Christina Johnson,Kathryn Roszak

Pictured: Julia Feldman, of Sacramento Ballet, Christina Johnson, formerly of Dance Theatre of Harlem, Kathryn Roszak, Artistic Director of Danse Lumière.

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