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In Conversation with Kathryn Roszak

BAMPFA is showing a short film by Danse Lumière's Founder and Artistic Director Kathryn Roszak entitled "Secrets" on September 13th at 12pm. Her film features Diablo Ballet's principal dancer Rosselyn Ramirez and is a part of her work as a Guest Curator of Professor Emeritus Alex Saragoza's new arts and immigration course called Creativity, Migration, and Transformation presented by Art and Design at UC Berkeley. Read the offical event announcement here!

Don't forget to check out the other events that Creativity, Migration, and Transformation is involved in on October 11th and November 15th as part of BAMPFA's Arts + Design Thursdays!

  • Image 1: Guest Curator Kathryn Roszak gives presentation at U.C. Berkeley as part of Professor Emeritus Alex Saragoza's Creativity, Migration and Transformation Course.

  • Image 2: Herb Ferrette, Rosslyn Ramirez and Kathryn Roszak at Kathryn's screening of "Secrets" at the BAMPFA Pacific Film Archive/Barbro Osher Theatre.

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