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April Highlight! Secrets on the Way: The Poetry of Tomas Tranströmer. A Reading by Robert Hass and S

Featured Image (From Left to Right): Robert Hass, Kathryn Roszak, Maxine Hong Kingston, Mads Tolling

On April 3rd, Robert Hass reads from his selection of poems by Swedish Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer that he translated, and Kathryn Roszak screens and discusses her short film “Secrets”, a post-modern “tango,” inspired by Tranströmer's great poem "Schubertiana," a love story with two dancers seeking trust in New York City. With a musical prelude by Grammy Award-winning violinist Mads Tolling.

From our Guests:

Daniel Kucera, Retired Judge, Alameda: The program today was mesmerizing. Mads Tolling's version of Bill Evans "Blue in Green" followed by the melancholic recordings of Tranströmer on piano was enchanting. The poetry presented by Robert Hass was illustrious of his immersion in Tranströmer’s work. His learned dissemination of Tranströmer benefits the poet's legacy and greatly our appreciation. The highlight was your film "Secrets". The production was vivid, luscious, and compelling. The pacing was engaging; the choreography drew the participants from urban estrangement to engagement with the rhythms of.. and trust in.. the mystery. Karin Sanders, Professor, Department Chair, Department of Scandinavian, U.C. Berkeley: Dear Lotta, Marlene, Christian and Kathryn Thanks so much for the lovely Tranströmer event you arranged for us all last Wednesday. Full house and very successful.

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